What are primal wars?

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2015 04:24PM PDT

Primal Wars are organized by the developers and allow entire clans to join and be randomly matched against an enemy clan. They are similar to Round Wars, however in Primal Wars equipment and ally stats are not taken into account. You can view the schedule for these wars in-game by going to the Clans section, clicking Clan Events, and then View War Schedule.

War Details:

- Created by the developers with a set schedule
- Equipment bonus does not count

- Ally bonus does not count
- War duration and settings may change, and can be viewed in the View War Schedule section in Clan Events
- Players in a clan can opt-in by casting Wave of Conflict at the Alchemist when a War is upcoming in the next few hours
- Once the required number of players for the war have opted-in, the clan owner must then choose to opt-in for the entire clan
- During the matchup phase matches are created
- Players then attack their enemy clan in order to win the war
- Winners during a war will receive Mithril (a valuable resource used to purchase equipment) as well as gold

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